Eureka Child & Animal Rescue Home


To end the needless suffering of children and animals while lending a hand to our community.

The Other Side of the Fence is a Humboldt County 501 [c]3 nonprofit charity dedicated to preventing cruelty to children and animals; as well as providing relief to persons with an illness or disability, single parents, and seniors 55+.

It is our mission to create a holistic set of Programs and Services to combat all aspects of family life that may lead to cruelty to animals and children.

After running a 5 acre animal shelter that rescued over 400 homeless animals, we strongly believe that it is an expensive and endless effort to simply take in strays, provide them with medical care, training, and a new home.

These precious animals will never be able to fix their broken situations. That is why our community service programs strive to end the vicious cycles that result in millions of animals being euthanized every year.

Getting To The Roots Of Animal & Child Cruelty

According to The Humboldt Literacy Project, 13,800 adults in our county are unable to read at a 5th grade level, with another 23,000 that are unable to read at the 8th grade level. 70% of these adults will be unable to obtain employment, while the remaining 30% of functionally illiterate adults who are able to land full or part time employment will not earn a livable wage (Baku, 2010).

Our programs focus on the whole family unit. We believe that it is important to teach empathy through humane education. Our literacy and job development workshops utilize components of Animal Assisted Interventions and Behavioral Modification techniques. This will increase the opportunity for our youth to succeed academically and professionally while breaking the cycles of abusive and neglectful behavior towards ALL ANIMALS.  Click Here to learn about our programs

We provide affordable pet care services to our community on a sliding fee scale. These services help keep animals out of shelters by providing support to pet owners; reduce household financial burdens causing stress which often lead to neglect and abuse; provide job development, apprenticeship, and employment opportunities; create safer environments for seniors and persons with disabilities; And, they build a stronger sense of community.

Proceeds from our services help prevent cruelty to children and animals through our workshops and pet adoption program. If you are unable to support our cause by using our services, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

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