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 Join our small team and help us do our best to END abuse and neglect. Our goal is to provide the most holistic set of programs possible. If you have feedback or ideas that will make our organization, programs, or website better, we want to hear from you.

There are many different ways to help! So, Get Involved Today  by emailing and help build this growing nonprofit.
Licensed Contractors Needed
A New Location Needed
Become A Volunteer

Please Make A Donation When You Can. We need your support. The majority of our current work has been helping members of our community for free or near free. Although we have greatly enjoyed everything we have done for our clients, we must expand our programs which unfortunately requires money… As $2 from each visitor to our website would help build all of our wonderful programs: Providing Pet Therapy, Helping small children struggling in school, Keeping pets out of animal shelters, and more… Thank You.

 Need Help, Call (707) 616-5717

Licensed Contractors Needed

If you are a Licensed Contractor, please consider overseeing at least one community project to provide a low income senior or adult with a disability affordable home repairs. We currently have an experienced contractor who is willing to be a permanent part of our team. However, he has been licensed under the Humboldt County Department of Education, and the license is non transferable to another entity. If he was licensed under an L.L.C., there wouldn’t be any issues. The testing process is not our obstacle. As any California Contractor knows, a license is expensive.

Revitalize Humboldt is a program will provide home repairs and yard assistance to low income seniors and adults with a disability based on a sliding fee scale. Our targeted households cannot afford the regular costs of these services (or typically anything else). Their homes are falling apart around them, and it will only get worse. Making homes safe for our fragile population is important to us.


Make a tax-deductible donation to help us achieve our goal by June!

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Need Help, Call (707) 616-5717

New Location Needed

Help us grow. If you have vacant real estate you are able to rent, lease, or donate to our good cause, contact us today. A pet friendly fixer upper would work great. Farm Land, Commercial, or Industrial Property would be perfect. Our crew of volunteers with plenty of experience in construction and carpentry can turn anyplace into a vibrant center of hope for our community.

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Need Help, Call (707) 616-5717

Become A Volunteer

Be a part of something exceptional and help build a unique community service program! Who can volunteer?

* Individuals who want to be a dedicated part of our team

* Individuals only wanting to spend an hour+ a month hanging out and being a pet handler/companion

* People who need to complete community service hours

* Students in a Social Work Program looking to complete required intern hours.

Available Positions:

  • A Traveling Cuddle Wagon Program Director to handle scheduling and coordination. We are looking for someone who wants to have their own creative direction to grow this program into the best Pet Therapeutic Workshop imaginable. The CEO/Founder of The Other Side of the Fence is working on obtaining her Bachelor in Social Work – with the end goal of being a licensed psychologist and community activist social worker for this program. Of course becoming a licensed Therapy Program is years away (unless a licensed psychologist takes this position), however, the direction of this program must focus on paving the path for this purpose. This position would require a minimum of 5 hours a month volunteer time and you would need to excel in communication skills. This position is starting out on a volunteer basis, however, as the program grows, we will be looking to hire a paid full-time Program Director.
  • Traveling Cuddle Wagon Volunteers who will enjoy hanging out with clients and be good companions. This position requires a commitment of at least one hour a month volunteer time. Will need to be comfortable spending time with children and adults who may have Autism, Aids, Cancer, Leukemia, physical or mental disability, depression or any numerous illness/diseases that can cause isolation.
  • Revitalize Humboldt Volunteers who enjoy working outside doing basic yard assistance to help low income seniors and people with disabilities.
  • On-Line Volunteers to help with website improvement, social media building,  or Adwords management.
  • Volunteers to hand out fliers to local businesses.
  • Horse Trainer/s willing to donate their time to work with the teenagers to teach the horses to pull a cart. 2 Hours a month is our starting goal.
  • Green thumbs… we need volunteers who can watch over a portion of our plants, and keep them cared for – OR  a 30′ x 30′ place for all of the plants.

How can you become a volunteer? Its simple, just contact us by calling (707) 616-5717, or email and tell us what you think you would enjoy doing with us. We will get you all the information you need, and set up a time to meet with you in person. If you are requesting to volunteer for a position that entails being around children, be prepared to pay for a criminal background check. Thanks for understanding.

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Need Help, Call (707) 616-5717

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