Kids in Critter Commercials

Youth ages 10 – 18 will work together to create a screenplay for a thirty minute episode for a television series that highlight situations in life that could lead to neglect, prostate abuse, pilule poverty, or homelessness. Each thirty minute episode will also need two commercials (30 seconds and 4 minutes). The workshop participants will find these story lines through online research and group discussions.  The youth will then act out the scenes and participate in the editing process of the episode.

Youth will practice reading, writing, communication, group collaboration efforts, and will develop their public speaking skills through acting.

Various animals will appear in the commercials, however, Henry or Jack (two Great Danes) will represent the organization for every commercial.

The youth will decide if they want their story line to be black and white silent slap stick comedy, melodramatic, horror, modern comedy, western, or any other creative format. The roles needed for each episode will almost always include the parent/s and children of for the story line. All adult roles will be acted out by the youth.

This 6 Week Program meets Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM (includes lunch).

Cost: $400 per child



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