Revitalize Humboldt


As we work to find contractors to provide the necessary licensing for larger jobs, we are currently only able to offer lawn care services. If you are a local licensed contractor who would like to provide your services for this program, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us today!

This program provides relief to the poor, disabled, and elderly through low-cost community service projects at below market rate with an additional sliding fee. In addition, this community outreach program helps to beautify our community in order to combat community deterioration, prevent criminal activity, encourage community engagement, and reduce the stress often associated with child neglect and pet relinquishment.

As we look around our community, we see homes which used to be vibrant that are now overgrown with weeds, and simple repairs that have been left untouched.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council “community beautification raises community and individual pride, and often brings a community closer together for common activities, with noticeable crime reduction effects”.

Two of the major goals of Revitalize Humboldt are to help assure that senior citizens and persons with disabilities live in dwellings free of safety hazards and to stimulate our economy by providing financial assistance in the form of sliding fees and financing for valuable services. We offer these forms of financial assistance, which are not available through normal commercial sources, in order to allow our community to use their income on economic growth and other things that matter in life, such as their children and pets. As we grow, we will provide livable wage positions to further stimulate our economy and help Humboldt County lower its unemployment rate.

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